Opium wars

[scrollGallery id=19] Reuters accompanied Burmese officials and staff from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime to Shan state recently to observe Burma’s proclaimed war on opium. Burmese police and UN[…]

Burma’s lifeblood

[scrollGallery id=18] The Irrawaddy River flows 2,170 km down the length of Burma before emptying out into the Andaman Sea. Dubbed ‘The Road to Mandalay’ by Rudyard Kipling, the river has[…]

Homeless again

[scrollGallery id=16] Up to 3,000 were left destitute after a fire last week swept through five wards of the Umpiem Mai refugee camp on Thailand’s border with Burma. Camp officials[…]

No end in sight

[scrollGallery id=15] Refugees who have fled the war in Kachin state continue to be holed up camps along Burma’s northern border, where aid supplies are low. While China has denied[…]

Maggin’s ghosts

[scrollGallery id=14] At the height of the September 2007 monk-led uprising, police ransancked the Maggin Monastery in Rangoon, where hundreds of monks had found shelter away from the bloody crackdown.[…]

Campaign trail

[scrollGallery id=13] Burma’s revered opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi yesterday drew tens of thousands of supporters to cheer her on as campaigning began for the 1 April by-elections. She[…]

End in sight?

[scrollGallery id=11] The Karen National Union today signed its first ceasefire with the Burmese after more than six decades of conflict, thought to be the world’s longest-running civil war. The[…]

Red carpet

[scrollGallery id=9] The past two months have seen a flurry of VIPs arrive in Burma, from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in December to British Foreign Secretary William Hague[…]

Breaking ground

[scrollGallery id=8] The Thai engineering giant Ital-Thai candidly admitted earlier this year that around 10,000 people would be forced to make way for the massive Tavoy industrial complex and deep-sea[…]

Border Childhoods

[scrollGallery id=7] When you go to cover a conflict, you already know what kind of situations you will face in the day-by-day working shoots, but harder to acknowledge is the[…]

Landmine scourge

[scrollGallery id=6] A UN report released this week says that Burma has one of the world’s highest casualty rates from landmines. The region bordering Thailand, which has hosted one of[…]


[scrollGallery id=5] US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Burma yesterday for the most senior-level US diplomatic visit to the country since 1955. She met with President Thein Sein[…]

Burma’s fearlessness

[scrollGallery id=3] Award-winning photographer James Mackay will this month release a book of images documenting the ongoing plight of Burma’s political prisoners.  Abhaya: Burma’s Fearlessness is comprised of photographs of former political[…]

Life on the frontline

The conflict in Kachin state is reaching an intensity not witnessed since a raft of ceasefire agreements were signed in the late 1980s. Troops from the Burmese army are nearing[…]

Rising tides

As Thailand experiences its worst flooding in more than half a century, swathes of land in Burma are also underwater. Flash floods struck Magwe division on 20 October, wiping out[…]

Along the waterfront

Inle Lake in northeastern Burma’s Shan state has for decades humbled tourists with its exquisite beauty and serenity. But a throbbing waterfront society exists on its shores, much of it[…]


Migrant labourers play a pivotal role in Thailand’s economy, yet regularly suffer abuse and are denied the workplace rights afforded to Thai nationals. A poll in July by the International[…]

Free Hla Hla Win

On 9 September, jailed DVB video journalist Hla Hla Win turned 27. The occasion was marked by protests outside Burmese embassies in Bangkok, Geneva, Paris and London. Hla Hla Win spent the[…]